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University based introductory MSK ultrasound modules

The following is a list of University  based introductory MSK ultrasound modules which are not CASE accredited. For CASE accredited courses please click here.

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How do I train in MSK Ultrasound?

Competency of MSK ultrasound

How do I train in MSK Ultrasound?..whats the situation?..well, I wanted to provide a brief post to serve as an overview of the current issues around regulation, and qualifications in musculoskeletal ultrasound. As this can be quite confusing... This is intended to be a starting point for all medical professionals looking to further their learning of MSK ultrasound. The first point to consider is that sonography or being a 'sonographer' or 'Ultrasonographer' is not a recognised profession by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). The HCPC cannot register a sonographer unless they meet the standards for one of the professions they …

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PG Cert / CASE Accredited MSK Ultrasound courses

As mentioned in other posts on the website, there are many different formats of courses and qualifications.  Here are there are listed the CASE accredited musculoskeletal ultrasound courses that we are aware of. There is no particular order, and the descriptions are those provided by the courses themselves. The Ultrasound Site does not endorse one course more than any other. If you know of any others, or would like to have your course on the list then please email [email protected] Just click on the University logo to access the relevant webpages...

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