Thursday , 23 November 2017
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Changes for The Ultrasound Site!

There have been some ongoing and  recent changes which are taking place on the website. Importantly, the site will remain completely FREE access for as long as possible, but the development of website membership and a sign in process means we can continue to make the site even more interactive and an even better learning resource!

It also enables us to control the content that is posted and keep this at a high standard. Hopefully connecting our users with each other, and ultimately developing a unique online professional and social hub for MSK Ultrasound users.

The website has changed to make it easier for you to interact,network,learn and share your thoughts and skills. A new development is that the website forum is now based on The Ultrasound Site, you can find it on the top menu bar, or by clicking HERE . We hope you will find this an improvement to the website and always welcome feedback via the form below.

For existing users of the old SMF forum before...

Your old usernames/passwords should still work and enable you to sign in and update your profile. If this is not the case then please email [email protected] and we will endeavour to assist you.

For new members looking to learn, share and develop their knowledge..

Please sign up via the homepage or this link HERE, where you will find a form to complete. This is due to undergo some more changes.

If you have any feedback, or thoughts then please do get in touch via this form.

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