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University based introductory MSK ultrasound modules

The following is a list of University  based introductory MSK ultrasound modules which are not CASE accredited. For CASE accredited courses please click here.

University of Essex run a introduction to musculoskeletal ultrasound course. Course tutors include Mark Maybury (Physiotherapist and Sonographer), John Leddy (Physiotherapist and Sonographer), Prof Das Gupta (Consultant Rheumatologist), Dr Saman Perera (Consultant Rheumatologist)

For further information, please contact Sue Innes, [email protected]


MSK Ultrasound course for Physiotherapists, this is the flyer MSKUltrasoundforPhysiotherapists

For further information please contact Kate Dolan, [email protected]

University of Salford Logo
Advanced medical imaging inc MSK Ultrasound: This course aims to develop qualified health care professionals to meet the challenge of specialist, advanced and consultant practitioner status in the field of medical imaging within a rapidly evolving health service.

Keele University - ultrasound training

A dynamic ultrasound imaging course aiming to develop the students’ understanding of the role of dynamic ultrasound in the evaluation of soft tissue anatomy and musculoskeletal assessment and to enable the student to make a knowledgeable and appropriate management choice informed by dynamic ultrasound.

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