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Which ultrasound system?

Looking to purchase an ultrasound system? unsure which road to take?! You're not alone and it is a topic we receive alot of emails about!

We receive a number of enquiries from clinicians via email and in person on various aspects of purchasing an ultrasound machine for MSK/Musculoskeletal use. These can range from point of care enquiries to Radiology based systems, and from all over the globe! We have decided to create a resource for clinicians on who the main providers are of MSK ultrasound systems, what they offer and how you can contact them!

Some of the common questions we receive are...

Who provides ultrasound machines?

Which should I buy for MSK?

How much do they cost?

What are the different probes?

What are the key features I require?

To answer these questions it can take time and effort to research. We wanted to provide a webpage where manufacturers can showcase their products for musculoskeletal ultrasound specifically, with relevant contact details as well to make the process much much easier for you all!!

Important: The Ultrasound Site Ltd does not endorse a particular manufacturer. This is an unbiased list of contact details for clinicians.

If you are a manufacturer and wish to list youre products on this page then please get in touch at  [email protected]


To understand more about SonoSite's latest MSK ultrasound systems and hear reviews from other clinicians , please click the links below:




Edge II






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