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The Ultrasound Site Case Discussion Group on MedShr has been setup to discuss ultrasound cases together as colleagues and consolidate learning from The Ultrasound Site courses. MedShr is an app and web platform for a global network of over 350,000 verified doctors, physios and other medical professionals to connect and engage in clinical discussion. Starting a case discussion in the group takes just a couple of minutes – a few lines of patient history accompanying an ultrasound scan or clinical photo are often enough to start a thought-provoking discussion. It is very easy to obtain patient consent and anonymise images in the app as needed and the platform is fully GMC and HIPAA compliant. As a thank you for joining the group and sharing your first case, MedShr will enter you into their Monthly Case Competition where there are awards and prizes on offer, including tablets, Go-Pros and Amazon vouchers.

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