We love teaching and creating content, so this section is an explosion of teaching resources, case studies, images and articles we think will help develop your learning experience.

Specific joints

To help you focus your learning and development , we have created specific resources for each joint and region such as the shoulder or the knee. Hopefully this will make things easier for you!

Ultrasound guided injection techniques

Joint specific pages for ultrasound guided MSK injections, focussing on the common approaches.

Physics behind ultrasound

Its not always the part of ultrasound that people rave about, but we think its important and provides a core foundation to all the other skills. For example, artefacts are so important to understand to ensure you report accurately.

Articles for beginners

We understand it can be tough to get your head around issues such as orientating yourself to an ultrasound image and the terminology used..these articles are designed to help you in that initial stage.

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