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MSK ultrasound webinars series

The MSK ultrasound webinars series is something that started in March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic. It is actually a concept that we had been considering starting at The Ultrasound Site for some time prior to that. The aim is to provide a deeper evaluation and discussion on topics related to MSK Ultrasound, something that is not easy to put across in written blogs. We really hope this will be of value to all our colleagues out there outside the UK as well.

We will continue to add to the selection below and also host these on other platforms when we can.

Please do get in touch if you would like to join us on a  particular topic or have any ideas of what you would like us to cover.


Role of ultrasound in Rheumatology

We are really grateful to Dr Qasim Akram, Consultant Rheumatologist, for offering his time and expertise to join Stuart in this evening webinar discussing the role that ultrasound can play in identifying Rheumatological conditions and impacting patient treatment and pathways. Thanks Qasim!




Ultrasound of lumps and bumps – a summary for MSK clinicians

We are grateful to Kevin Cronin, Ultrasound MSc programme director at University College Dublin and Dr Johnny Walker, Consultant Radiologist at the Hermitage Clinic Dublin for their expertise in this session. With increasing numbers of clinicians using point of care ultrasound it is important MSK clinicians understand how to ensure patient safety with regards to lumps and bumps. We touched on different sonographic appearances and pathologies of lumps and bumps and how these should be approached from a governance and clinical perspective. This is brilliant – enjoy!


Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice

We were delighted to welcome Pip White , Professional Adviser at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Dr Mike Smith, Senior Lecturer at the School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University to this webinar in August 2022. We discussed the recently released point of care ultrasound imaging guidance document by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and implications for MSK clinical practice. Thanks to all those who joined and offered questions and interactions.



MSK ultrasound  – A webinar for MSK First Contact Practitioners and Advanced Practice Practitioners

In response to a social media demand fo training and CPD, Stuart offered this evening webinar!


Episode 1: How to start your journey in MSK Ultrasound

We discuss the benefits and challenges of MSK ultrasound and how to get started with training. We touch on the confusion around training, the varied routes and development of competency.  This is a MUST LISTEN for those new to this skill and wanting to understand more.




Episode 2: What can we see on MSK Ultrasound?

We run through a series of slides covering some of the key musculoskeletal structures that you can see on MSK ultrasound such as tendon, muscle, ligament, nerve and bone.

Episode 3: Choosing an ultrasound system…price,probes and purchasing!

A key part of taking on this skill is purchasing a system – What do you need? What are the costs and considerations? We are joined by Douglas Ogg from Orca Medical to pick through his experiences and ours as clinicians working in the NHS and private practice.




Episode 4: Clinical governance of MSK Ultrasound

We discuss all aspects of clinical governance. The key part of clinical practice that ensures patient safety and maintains standards. Infection control, policies, unexpected findings and more.


Episode 5: Musculoskeletal ultrasound in POCUS and Radiology..a discussion

The two key clinical domains of MSK ultrasound and sometimes there are tensions between them. We work in both, so provide insights into the benefits and risks of point of care use, and the same for Radiology use.