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Musculoskeletal ultrasound webinar series

The MSK ultrasound webinars series is something that started in March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic. It is actually a concept that we had been considering starting at The Ultrasound Site for some time prior to that. The aim is to provide a deeper evaluation and discussion on topics related to MSK Ultrasound, something that is not easy to put across in written blogs. We really hope this will be of value to all our colleagues out there outside the UK as well.

Stu, Rob and Dave plan to deliver these weekly over the coming months. Please do get in touch if you would like to join us on a  particular topic or have any ideas of what you would like us to cover.

Episode 1: How to start your journey in MSK Ultrasound

Episode 2: What can we see on MSK Ultrasound

Episode 3: Choosing an ultrasound system…price,probes and purchasing!

Episode 4: Clinical governance of MSK Ultrasound

Episode 5: Point of care (POCUS) and Radiology MSK ultrasound..a discussion

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