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Purchasing an ultrasound machine..where to start?

Peter Gettings, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist There are many factors to consider if you are thinking about purchasing an ultrasound machine. It is unlikely to be your own money that you are spending which means that is even more important to do as much as you...

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How do I train in MSK ultrasound?

How do I train in MSK Ultrasound?..whats the situation?..well, I wanted to provide a brief post to serve as an overview of the current issues around regulation, and qualifications in musculoskeletal ultrasound. As this can be quite confusing... This is intended to be...

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MSK ultrasound – a discussion

Why are we banging on about MSK Ultrasound all the time?!..why are we excited by it? and what does it add to our clinical practice? This is obviously a very broad topic to discuss, but I wanted to put over  a few brief and key points for those who are less aware of...

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