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MSK ultrasound training courses

Introductory and advanced level MSK ultrasound training courses

Ultrasound guided injections

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University accredited MSK ultrasound training

Brunel University London CASE accredited PG Cert in Musculoskeletal ultrasound

Our practical courses are supported by


Expert MSK sonography tutors, working full-time in POCUS and Radiology roles.


High quality, evidence based and upto date teaching content.


Maximum 3 delegates per scanner for practicals


Each course has a selection of high-specification ultrasound machines so you can experience a variety of manufacturers and models.


Our tutors are committee members of several national ultrasound committees


High tutor to student ratio, giving you lots of feedback on your skills.


Our CPD courses provide practical knowledge but do not award a certificate of competency (excluding the Brunel PG Cert program). You must enquire with your relevant professional body to confirm if the skills covered within our courses are considered within the scope of your professional practice, and whether your professional insurance will cover you to use them in your practice. Ultrasound regulation is a complex issue. Any skills covered by the course should be maintained and developed through ongoing mentorship, peer support, and training. Please get in touch if you have questions here .

Upcoming MSK ultrasound training courses

(All courses are based in London, UK unless otherwise stated)

6th - 7th March 2021 (Held at Brunel University, London)Introductory MSK Ultrasound courseView Course
16th - 17th April 2021 (Held at St Georges Hospital, London)Cadaveric MSK Ultrasound guided injection courseView Course
22nd - 23rd May 2021 (Held at Brunel University, London)Advanced MSK Ultrasound courseView Course
26th - 27th June 2021 (Held at Brunel University, London)Introductory MSK Ultrasound courseView Course
11th - 12th September 2021 (Held at Brunel University, London)Introductory MSK Ultrasound courseView Course
8th - 9th October 2021 (Held at St Georges Hospital, London)Cadaveric MSK Ultrasound guided injection courseView Course
23rd - 24th October 2021 (Held at Brunel University, London)Advanced MSK Ultrasound courseView Course
27th - 28th November 2021 (Held at Brunel University, London)Introductory MSK Ultrasound courseView Course


We run a selection of musculoskeletal ultrasound training courses, click here to find out more.


We run a number of different level ultrasound guided injection courses


Find out more about this CASE accredited PG Cert musculoskeletal ultrasound program that we run in partnership with Brunel University London.


We have created loads of MSK ultrasound related educational material to help you including cases, videos and images and  protocols for different regions.


We have recorded a series of informal MSK ultrasound discussions during the Covid-19 pandemic


We have written a series of MSK ultrasound blog articles

How did our courses develop?

Best to hear directly from the course founders
Dave Baker, Rob Mast and Stu Wildman


” We just had a passion for the topic, to learn more and also to educate is that simple. All three of us share this passion, which is unique and it drives all of our projects forward – constantly striving to improve the education we offer!  We had a vision to run a number of clinically focussed, musculoskeletal ultrasound courses. The Ultrasound Site website assisted us and continues to provide a way for us to express this enthusiasm and commitment to educating other professionals.”


The team (left to right) Stu Wildman, Dave Baker and Rob Mast

Taught so far!

The two day introduction to MSK ultrasound is a very well planned and delivered course. Perfect blend of theory and small group practical sessions. The resources and quality of teaching are excellent. Stuart, Rob and Dave have huge amounts of experience, both as teachers and practitioners, and their enthusiasm and passion for the subject is evident. We also had the added bonus of being able to tap into Fredy’s amazing knowledge of anatomy.

The course supplies a really good grounding of knowledge in a way that can be understood what ever background profession you have. Each joint is covered firstly with anatomy and ultrasound appearance of both normal and abnormal. This is followed by a practical demonstration of scanning technique. Then the opportunity to reinforce the learning by scanning in small groups. This is all presented in a way that encourages questioning and interaction. I particularly appreciated all the practical hints and tips offered throughout the two days. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in extending their practice to include MSK ultrasound.

Clare Cameron

Senior Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire

The Introductory MSK Ultrasound course was the perfect introduction to a topic that can appear daunting at first.  The days are well structured with an appropriate mix of technique, anatomy, governance guidance and the physics behind the modality. Three screens are set up allowing the lecture slides, camera for probe positioning and a mirror of the ultrasound image to be viewed simultaneously.

Each section was introduced with a review of anatomy by Freddy, a Physio and anatomist, which was incredibly engaging and immediately applicable to Stuart and Rob’s demonstration of the ultrasound technique for that area. Stuart and Rob’s clinical pearls from their experience paired with their approachability made them excellent course leaders. Instructor to delegate ratio was ideal, I found that most of my scans were supervised by one of the instructors allowing invaluable personalised feedback. At no point did the course feel rushed; the pace, depth of content and practice time was perfect for an introductory level.

The introduction to MSK Ultrasound course is an excellent, accessible introduction to diagnostic ultrasound. I left feeling more confident and less intimated with an appetite for further education in this field. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking an introduction to diagnostic ultrasound.

Martin Lanfear

Clinical lead Physiotherapist, Scottish Ballet

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