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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound


What is The Ultrasound Site?


The Ultrasound Site is a free access, educational and online learning resource for those who use diagnostic MSK Ultrasound. You might be a Physiotherapist, Orthopaedic Specialist, Radiologist, Radiographer, Rheumatologist, Sports Medicine Physician, Radiographer, Osteopath, Chiropractor or another profession…but hopefully you will all offer your views, knowledge and skills to make this a fantastic learning environment. MSK sonography is used in different ways, in different settings, by different professions and this is where we hope to bring it all together! We are building a dynamic and interactive community..come and join in!


    Unique features and benefits of our courses:
  • We carefully monitor the student numbers so that we have a high tutor/scanner to student ratio! You won't find yourself in a pack of 10 people trying to use one scanner on our course!
  • We feel anatomical knowledge is really important when using we now have access to cadaveric prosections on a number of our courses to enhance your learning experience!
  • We use high quality machines, and are experienced in using them!
  • Our courses are multidisciplinary..fantastic for debate and learning between clinicians.
  • Our delegates are often international, enabling further debate between you!
  • We provide high quality, comprehensive presentations and resources to every delegate on USB sticks so you can carry on learning.
  • We are approachable, and are happy to be emailed with enquiries after the course to help you continue your development.