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Map of MSK Ultrasound mentors

Are you looking for a mentor to offer you hands on , practical training in MSK Ultrasound?! Then use this map to find your nearest mentor!

The Ultrasound Site Ltd accepts no responsibility for the quality and cost of mentoring that is offered. It is hoped this simply provides a useful resource to enable users of the website to access mentors to facilitate their clinical development.

If you would like to add your details to the map of available mentors then please complete the form to the right.

We welcome applications from all over the world!


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  1. i do prolotherapy injections/stem cell injections. We have ultrasound which my associate is learning. I learn best when immersed into something. I would like to do a mini-clerkship or internship with someone for whatever time it would take to learn musculoskeletal ultrasound to be able to do the basics and basic injections in my office. In May or September 2015 I could get away from 1-4 weeks from my practice in chicagoland. I am also one of the world experts in Prolotherapy and would be willing to teach this technique as an exchange for my getting trained or would be willing to pay for my training obviously. Looking for a mentor to take me under their wing…I will prepare beforehand, go to whatever courses but want to be immersed in ultrasound for 1- 4 weeks. Thank you!

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