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Ultrasound guided knee injections

Injections around the knee are often performed without guidance. Performance under guidance often improves patient comfort as injections into pockets of effusion can often be more comfortable than contacting bone. Aspiration techniques are now well evidenced to be more effective and less painful under guidance.

Ultrasound guided knee joint injection – medial approach

This technique is similar in its approach to the ‘landmark’ guided approach, but enables greater flexibility and accuracy. The use of ultrasound enables the clinician to choose a route of access, avoiding bony projections that commonly occur with degenerative joints. Ultrasound also facilitates the opportunity to access pockets of effusion, ensuring intracapsular injection but significantly improving patient comfort.


Superolateral recess – aspiration and injection approach

This is a technique which is extremely effective for aspirating joint effusions.  There is often a large collection of effusion in the superolateral recess of the knee, and via a lateral approach this can be accessed accurately and comfortably through the soft tissues. If it is clinically required, an injection can also be performed via this route.