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Musculoskeletal ultrasound anatomy videos :

The lower limb

There is so much free, online material available now for musculoskeletal ultrasound anatomy and educational content. We wanted to help you by compiling a page of some of the best videos available on You Tube. We will continue to develop and add to this as new content is released.  We know that having an anatomical blueprint is so helpful alongside developing ultrasound skills. Without the anatomy, you just cannot learn to scan!

One of the difficulties with MSK ultrasound is understanding the course of intricate structures such as nerves, tendons and ligaments. These don’t travel in straight lines, so understanding their course enables the sonographer to place their probe in the right plane at the correct angulation to ensure a high quality image is generated. If the probe is not angled correctly then artefacts such as Anisotropy can occur, creating an image that can then be incorrectly interpreted. We have written a post on Anisotropy  – friend or foe?, that you can find here. This is often the artefact that is referred to when ultrasound is documented as being ‘user dependent’.

Also, let us know if we have missed something good! Drop us an email at [email protected] and we will take a look.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound anatomy videos:

The upper limb

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