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The Physics behind ultrasound…

The foundation of using ultrasound in practice…understanding the physics behind it!

Understanding the physics behind diagnostic ultrasound is an absolutely essential foundation when you are starting to learn. Developing your knowledge of the mechanisms by which ultrasound works including sound wave generation, the impact frequency has upon image quality and the effect tissue depth has on image quality are vitally important when using it in clinical practice. In particular the impact these elements have on image quality , and therefore directly on the report and diagnostic conclusions made. On this page we will develop content to support your learning and will continue to add to this over time.

You can also find more resources to assist your initial learning in our beginners section HERE. there are resources on orientating yourself to an ultrasound image, a discussion on the role of MSK ultrasound in clinical practice and also recognising normal tissue appearances.


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Physics articles

We are developing a selection of blog articles to assist your understanding of the Physics behind ultrasound , these may include artefacts and knobology.

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