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Starting the journey with learning ultrasound?

It can be a daunting prospect….where to start?

We all know how difficult it is to start learning ultrasound, and that it can often feel unclear like you are looking into the fog!  This is where we hope to break topics down to make them more manageable. When you start to learn ultrasound it is confusing on a number of different levels! Not only as you start to try to interpret the images but also as you start to understand the different terminology. This has an impact upon your ability to create an accurate report.

We hope to cover the following topics

  • Orientation to an ultrasound image
  • Normal tissue structures
  • Basic probe skills
  • Key learning resources that are available eg books and online
  • Continuing your professional development

A series of articles to get you thinking..

These articles have been written by tutors and members of The Ultrasound Site, who understand what it is like to start using ultrasound and the steep learning curve it provides. Hopefully you will find these interesting and helpful in the initial stages of getting to grips with the topic.

Thoughts from an ultrasound imaging industry expert…top tips to get you started.

We are delighted to welcome Douglas Ogg to The Ultrasound Site.  His value to the courses comes from his deep knowledge of ultrasound imaging and its application as well as the perspectives that come from 30 years in the industry working at the leading edge with users and manufacturers in clinical sales and application development  Recently, he founded Orca Medical with a similarly experienced colleague, to give exposure in the UK to innovative products and offer consultation and guidance to users and trainers alike.

Stuart Wildman - The Ultrasound Site Founder & Director

Douglas Ogg

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