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The use of corticosteroid injections for musculoskeletal complaints is under scrutiny currently, with potentially negative affects of steroid outlined in the articles below. Selective and well reasoned use is always advised with any treatment technique. There is substantial evidence to now demonstrate that ultrasound guided injection techniques are significantly more accurate than landmark guided techniques and increasingly clinicians are turning to the performance of these to help improve standards of care. Patient satisfaction is also higher with a clear demonstration that the intended injection target has been accurately performed. There is also the reduced risk of other side effects with a guided technique. We have written a separate blog article on the importance of learning how to use ultrasound prior to performing guided injections and that can be found here 

Shoulder injections

We cover common injections such as the subacromial subdeltoid bursa, the ACJ and the glenohumeral joint.


Elbow injections

Less commonly injected region, but joint injections discussed and lateral/medial tendon treatments coming soon!

Wrist and hand injections

There are many procedures here, but we cover the 1st CMCJ, De Quervains, Trigger finger, radiocarpal joint and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hip injections

Intra-articular hip joint injection, more coming soon!

Knee injections

The knee joint via a medial approach and aspiration techniques.

Ankle and foot injections

The ankle joint, 1st MTPJ, Mortons Neuroma and more coming soon!

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