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Introductory MSK guided injection course

Price: £300 

A dynamic ultrasound guided injection course with a strong practical focus and theory. The course will be run by experienced Extended Scope Physiotherapists, who have been utilising injections within their practice for many years. They are all active contributors to The course will contain an overview of injections for both upper and lower limb conditions. Attention to probe handling, needle proprioception and clinician positioning.

This course is accredited with 7 CPD points by the Royal College of Radiologists



Course outline

08.45 – 09:00Role of ultrasound guided injections in neuromusculoskeletal pain
Establishing and maintaining competencies and continued professional development
Practice guidelines
Health and Safety
09:45 – 10:45 Presentation & DiscussionMain principles of practice
Benefits for ultrasound over surface marked injections
Evidence for increased efficacy of ultrasound guided injections
Scope of injection and needling techniques used with ultrasound guidance
Injectable substances – theory and evidence for their effectiveness
10:45 – 11:00Break
11:00 – 11.30 PresentationInjection technique – physics relating to needle image optimisation
Techniques for improving – utilizing machine parameters
11.30-12.30 Practical Session IOptimizing image generation and probe proprioception
Practicing technique of needle visualisation
Practice injection technique maintaining needle visulaisation
In-plane and out of plane techniques
Other ultrasound facilitated techniques
12:30 – 13:15Lunch
13:15 – 14:45 Upper Limb Techniques for common upper limb conditions
Video demonstrations carrying out US guided injections .
Practical II – Practice techniques for upper limb – Facilitated small group sessions with other delegates
Shoulder : sub-acromial, intra-articular, AC joint, LH biceps
Elbow :Tennis and golfers elbow, distal biceps, radial-ulnar and humeral-ulnarjoint, posterior impingement of the elbow, ulnar nerve irritation/subluxation.
Wrist Radio-carpal joint, DeQuervains tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome.
Hand First CMC joint, trigger finger/thumb, finger joints.
14:45 – 15.00Break
15.00 – 17.00 Lower Limb Techniques for common lower limb conditions
Video demonstrations
Practical III – Practice Techniques for lower limb – Facilitated small group sessions with other delegates.
Hip Trochanteric bursitis, gluteus medius tendinopathy.
Knee Intra-articular knee, Baker’s cyst, aspiration.
Ankle & Foot Intra-articular, posterior impingement, plantar fascia, first MTP joint.
Course Location: St Leonards Hospital, Nuttall Street, London,N1 5LZ
Nearest Tube: Old Street (Northern line)


'I was very impressed with the one day MSK ultrasound guided injection course run by The Ultrasound Site. Teaching ultrasound guided injections to clinicians from a wide variety of specialities and experiences on a single day is no easy task.  The tutors were knowledgable, enthusiastic and extremely well prepared. Their passion for the use of ultrasound was impressive and I expect this one day course to continue to evolve and get even better.

Keep up the good work Stuart, Rob and Dave!'

Dr Imtiaz Ahmad, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, Chairman FA Medical Society

Magnus Wennerlund, Physiotherapist in Sweden " Great course with a strong clinical focus. Experienced teachers and a lot of supervised practical training where you could get feedback. I can strongly reccomend this course if you are thinking of starting doing your injections guided."

Patrick Luijten, Physiotherapist in Holland ‘There was a good balance between theory and practice. Especially practicing with the phantoms was very useful. The multidisciplinary setting of the group was inspiring.I particularly liked the USB sticks we could take home!’

You may apply for this course provided you have the necessary course pre-requisites 

  • Have some prior experience of MSK ultrasonography – an introductory musculoskeletal ultrasound course.
  • Have prior experience of soft tissue and joint injection therapy - if working as an allied health professional in the UK we advise you to have completed a blind injection therapy course first. You can find a list of those here
  • Are employed in a professional environment that enables you to utilise this within your practice
  • Recognised professional medical qualification and current registration with a relevant UK professional body eg HCPC or GMC, or foreign equivalent if travelling from abroad.

What do I gain from attending this course?

This course does not offer a certificate of competency as there is no assessment component to the course. In isolation , this course is not a certification in diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound and it does not replace the need for ongoing supervised experience of considerable number of cases. The Royal College of Radiologist (RCR) guidance document on US training is a useful reference point HERE

We receive many enquiries regarding competency in ultrasound and advise you to read this article, ' How do I train in MSK Ultrasound' for further information on ultrasound use in the UK.

There is currently no generic or universally accepted competency in the use of ultrasound, nor is ultrasound currently governed by protected use of title. As such, we would like to make clear that attending our ultrasound course is not designed to establish a full competency within the use of musculoskeletal ultrasound.

This course is accredited with 14 CPD points by The Royal College of Radiologists, and 0.9 Category 2 CPD points for the Diploma of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology

Upcoming courses

If your attendance on the course is to be funded by your trust or you have any other queries then please contact via [email protected]


  1. I am interested in attending the course on 5 August. I am unable to attend the other dates. Can you please put me on your waiting list?

  2. Zahra Ahmadynejad

    I am a MSK physiotherapist, can I get into the course for the August?

  3. I am a sonographer, and would like to do the MSK injection course

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