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Myositis Ossificans – Carles Pedret (carlespedret), Sports Medicine and Sports Orthopedics

This male football (soccer) player. Suffered a muscle contusion during a match in the lateral side of the thigh. The initial diagnosis was a vastus medialis muscle rupture with a hematoma. After 3 weeks he came to our medical services with a painful, tender, enlarging mass, located in the lateral side of the thigh (where the first injury was).

In the ultrasound examination we found a heterotopic calcification inside the vastus medialis muscle which was a myositis ossificans. We also made a CT scan to complete the diagnosis. CT images are similar to those of plain radiography, demonstrating mineralisation proceeding from the outer margins towards the center.

After a month, the evolution was correct and the patient was completely asymptomatic.

References of interest

Lacout et al (2012) Myositis ossificans imaging: keys to successful diagnosis, Indian J Radiol Imaging, 22(1) , 35-39

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Dr Carles Pedret works as a Sports Medicine Physician at the the clinics below..



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  1. Thanks for this nice report. I would nevertheless question the exact location of the MOT in this case study. Looking at the pictures (US and CT), I would think the vastus intermeduis to be injured. This is the typical location for MOT. The long term development of the ossification is a direct connection with the femoral diaphysis.
    Size and shape of the MOT is unfortunately not correlated with symptoms. Chronic situation can be very challenging to manage for athletes
    Do not neglect muscle contusion !!
    Ref: King JB. Post-traumatic ectopic calcification in the muscles of athletes: a review. Br J Sports Med.1998;32:287-290.
    Thanks for sharing these cases
    Matthieu @MatthieuSailly

    • The situation of the MO is in the external part of the vastus intermedius and it is a consequence of a contusion while playing.

      As you can see it is quite deep and really near to the bone.

      The evolution was correct and surprisingly fast without any complications.

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