Below you can find out information about ultrasound in specific regions of the body…


A hugely popular area to visualise with ultrasound, often focussing on the rotator cuff.


A less commonly visualised area, yet ultrasound can still provide plenty of information.

Wrist and hand

A region that is well suited to ultrasound with superficial tendons, joints and neurovascular structures.


Visualise the anterior hip joint recess and surrounding soft tissue structures.


Visualise extra-articular soft tissue structures to assist your examination.

Ankle and foot

Similar to the Wrist, superficial structures so well suited to ultrasound..


A well evidenced and important use of ultrasound is detecting synovitis in inflammatory conditions

Muscle injuries

Ultrasound can visualise muscle injuries very clearly, here are some more resources on this topic.


Well visualised on ultrasound, and can be dynamically evaluated.

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