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MSK Sonography locum/agency list

At The Ultrasound Site we are inundated with questions regarding MSK Sonography work. We are aware of a number of agencies who offer employment opportunities within the UK and abroad for those with skills in MSK Ultrasound and guided interventions. We have developed this page to offer a resource to clinicians where they can find relevant contact details easily without trawling through google searches. We hope you find it helpful!

These are some relevant contact details for agencies who provide MSK sonography employment..

To add your details to this list please contact [email protected] for more details

Looking for short or long term Locum MSK Ultrasound shifts?

Looking for locum staff to support your MSK Ultrasound service?

Sonographers Medical are the UK’s niche Employment Agency for Sonographers of all specialities.

We have extensive experience in working with MSK-competent Sonographers and providing ongoing and ad-hoc locum work.

With a place on every UK AHP framework, including the new National Clinical Staffing framework, we operate throughout the United Kingdom and beyond, delivering qualified and experienced Sonographers for specialist vacancies in NHS and private facilities.

Talk to the experts in Ultrasound:

Sonographers Medical – Run By Sonographers For Sonographers.

Contact us at:  020 8551 1299
Email: [email protected]



James Dodwell, Director, at Globe Locums has this to say on the current job market...

''The healthcare jobs market is changing! With the emergence of AQP and cut backs seen in the NHS over the last few years many job seekers are now considering Locum work. Some are choosing it to complement existing hours working for the NHS, some are taking the plunge all together and becoming full time locums.

One thing is for sure though; the jobs market has never been so buoyant in ultrasound as it is today. From London to Sydney, there is a current shortage of Sonographers which means there is a wide range of opportunities for Sonographers with a broad range of skills.MSK is one such area that is highly prized by NHS and private sector departments alike. With the NHS converting inevitably to 7 day working, new opportunities for weekend MSK jobs have arisen allowing Sonographers in full time jobs to pick up extra Locum work elsewhere. The rewards aren't always financial either. By locuming, Sonographers are able to see a wide range of pathology and hospital/clinic protocols in a short space of time. This exposure builds confidence and experience and helps with career growth.

Here at Globe we focus on providing Ultrasound opportunities in MSK and all other areas to job seekers. Set up by clinicians, we work closely with departments bringing in Sonographers when they are needed. With jobs up and down the UK, Ireland and Australia, now is a great time to sign up and see what's available to you''.

For more info on working as a Locum in MSK ultrasound contact James Dodwell at [email protected] or  0207 229 2620/
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If you would like to add your agency to this directory, please contact [email protected]


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