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How to submit a case study

As you will have noticed a key part of this website is the development of case studies showing MSK ultrasound images and the clinical context in which they are placed. We welcome case studies from all clinicians, and the site needs this to continue! The Ultrasound Site is unable to offer any financial incentive for this, but you will receive significant promotion of your work.

Submitting a case study is a great way to support your CPD and maintain your competency/registration with the HCPC.

Below are some guidelines to assist you in developing a case study..

  • ALL information provided on clinical cases must be anonymous - images and text! It will not be posted if it does not meet this important criteria!
  • The case study must have a definitive diagnosis.
  • A description of the clinical case and the patient history. If you performed a physical examination, a description of that and how it influenced the use of MSK ultrasound would also be helpful.
  • An overview of the clinical condition, ideally with a couple of free access articles, and perhaps a link to a different website as a resource.
  • A conclusion on the role of MSK Ultrasound, and how the patient was managed.
  • At least TWO ultrasound images of good quality (if possible longitudinal and transverse - but most important is a clear image of the pathology discussed), that ideally are the original anonymised images from the ultrasound machine. They lose quality if they have been edited.
  • Videos are also very welcome!
  • We retain the right to not publish case studies if we do not feel they are suitable


Please view the current case studies here

If you have ANY queries or once you have a case study, please email to [email protected]