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The Ultrasound Site

How The Ultrasound Site started…

What is the aim of this website? and where did it start?

The first thing to say is that this website was born out of an enthusiasm for the topic it covers: Musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound. It is an unbiased, free access educational resource for clinicians.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist, I have spent many years discussing and assessing musculoskeletal structures.  I realised that with the use of MSK ultrasound, I could increase the information obtained during a clinical assessment and dynamically interrogate MSK anatomy. I was fascinated to be able to see the interaction between tissues that I had talked about for so many years. Integrating these findings appropriately into my practice, and tying them together with the clinical findings and sound reasoning made it even more enjoyable.

The site started in July 2013, following a lunchtime sandwich discussion!. I wanted to create an online environment for clinicians of different professions to learn, share and develop their knowledge of musculoskeletal ultrasound. As I started my PG Cert training at Canterbury Christ Church University, there were very few resources which offered advice on training, and certainly little was available in terms of online forums and clinical case studies. It is hoped that this website will help others consider training in MSK ultrasound. I had also discussed cases with other professions such as Radiographers and Radiologists and realised there was so much knowledge to be gained from interdisciplinary working and discussion.

The site has gone through several makeovers and has reached the point it is at now due to the fantastic skills of Sean and Madalina at

The site is completely run in my spare time. The development and editing of each case study can take several hours. Editing images/videos, and researching topics to provide relevant free full-text access journals involves further time. As I mentioned, it is the clinical context of the ultrasound findings which is key, and that is a clear focus of the website. The aim was not to provide a gallery of images, but describe their clinical signficance, associated assessment findings and how this impacts the patient journey. We are becoming increasingly aware as health professionals that imaging can not only demonstrate a significant amount of asymptomatic pathology, but can also be damaging to a patients rehabilitation. This is where the clinical context of cases is key, to show not only the benefits,  but also the limitations of MSK ultrasound. For further discussion on the role of MSK ultrasound, please click HERE.

As the use of the site has grown, and the time requirements increase it has become necessary to develop some funding. The site will therefore likely offer specific, and subtle advertising in the future. This will only be to relevant and useful companies to help fund the work and keep it completely FREE access.

The website is gradually rising up the google rankings, and has been recently covered in The Society and College of Radiographers monthly professional magazine..'Synergy News' and 'Frontline' the monthly magazine for The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.


The Ultrasound Site featured in April's 'Synergy' the magazine for the Society and College of Radiographers
The Ultrasound Site featured in April's 'Synergy' the magazine for the Society and College of Radiographers

Please do get in touch if you have any queries regarding the site or its content using the form below.

I hope you enjoy using the site and please continue to support its development and maintain the free access content.

Thanks for the ongoing support!


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